we believe in

the power of data and technology to revolutionise cannabis products distribution.

Leveraging the wealth of data available in the industry enables a smarter supply chain, offering transparency and trust to everyone involved from product producers through to consumers.


a revolutionary supply chain platform transforming the way the cannabis industry operates.

life science.

Cannabis – the past and future of wellness and health.

We believe in unlocking the benefits of cannabis, and using its transformative properties to help people. We provide the tools to change lives.


From the early 1900s, where it was the most effective treatment in a physician’s arsenal to the truly revolutionary R&D being conducted today – cannabis has the power to change the world.

We provide access to the future of medicine.


We believe cannabis consumer products deserve the same treatment as pharmaceuticals.

Everyone should know what they’re buying, and we strive to provide complete transparency to everyone, from brands to consumers.

Sana healthcare is a fully licensed medicinal cannabis importer & distributor, working with global suppliers and R&D specialists to identify, source and deliver the best products for patients and clinicians.

We enable the growth of the medicinal cannabis market by offering value-added services across the supply chain – from educating and supporting clinicians with the prescribing process, to providing distribution and delivery services for patients.

Sana lifestyle is Europe’s premier wellness cannabis product distributor, offering a full service solution for brands & products – from manufacturing, through marketing, to retail relationship management.

We bring trust, transparency and expertise to a complex industry – supporting brands and retailers with our range of services from standard distribution agreements, to fully outsourced supply chains.